Thursday, May 31, 2007

What does emo mean?

What does emo mean to you? To me, emo means someone who is emotionally and wears tight pants (hott) and dresses kinda dark. Emo people also listen to cool music like fall out boy, dashboard confessional (hehe atleast I do), Panic! at the disco (i friggin love them), Alexisonfire, etc etcc etc (feel free to chime in ^^^***that makes me want to sing "I write sins not tragedies"***^^ with some cool underground emo bands!)

Being emo is more than just wearing the clothes and listening to emo. Emo people are emo, but there not really too different from everyone else. Be real, do what you feel, and express yourself. Dont wear what everyone else is wearing, be an individual. Show yourself on the outside. Don't just put on what everyone else is wearing, its your life, express your fuc**ing self1!

hehe what yal lthink?


julia said...

thats not the deffinitnion of a real emo. u got it all wrong.

Jadee =) said...

Haha ooo Really... Well this is what someone else said.."'Emo', is a slang word for emotional.Generally used in an abusive way to insult either one person or a group of people.
The average 'emo' dresses in mostly black.There outfit often includes studded belts, skinny jeans and converse.All black of course.
Hair is usually dyed black and often covers most of the face.Ribbons and/or clips are often used.These are usually quite childlike and are often used to represent the 'refusal to grow up' they often have.
Some people do however try to become 'emo'.This can involve a huge change in both personality,character and dress sense.
They tend to listen to some what depressive music.Bands such as Nirivana,Korn,Green day,HIM and Slip knot are all classic examples of 'emo bands'."

Now Y'all wrong ahaha..
Emos Are Fags ;)

Much Lovee...

Jadee =D x

Anonymous said...


well, i don´t understand... nothin´!!. Emo´s are persons with a personal fashion, style, etc, etc, so; why all of them desses in black?? ok, ok blak is the color of the deep soul, etc, etc. but i still undestanding.............please some body x-plain me!!!

Kyle said...

you guys are all fucking idiots, no human has a fucking barcode so no human deserves a label, "emo" "goth" "jock" "prep" "punk" whatever the fuck you want to call someone they're still a person not a piece of plastic on a shelf, get a fucking life. And "emo" means emotional, when you're calling someone "emo" it's an insult saying that they're constantly depressed or have emotional problems (which may be true) but you don't know their life so FUCK OFF! - Kyle

AkiMai-sama said...

Um, no. I'm sorry, a person can't be a GENRE OF MUSIC. It's technically impossible. You might be able to DRESS like an emo band, but you can't BE emo. Most people say emo stands for emotional. They have part of the picture, emo stands for emocore, which also means emotional hardcore, relating to hard-rock rock bands' live performances. The emo fashion statement goes back to the rock bands also. The reference between 'emo' and 'homosexual' was started when some hypocrite said that the emo fashion, which came from the rock bands, looked gay. Nowadays, the term 'emo' has been used and misused so many times, hardly anybody knows where it came from, and what it really means. They say it's people who cut themselves, depressed people, sensitive, shy or angsty. No, people who cut themselves are called CUTTERS. Depressed people are called DEPRESSED PEOPLE. The same goes for SENSITIVE PEOPLE, SHY PEOPLE, and ANGSTY PEOPLE. They have their own, more specific, name, so just stop calling them EMO because emo is a genre of music and it's ignorant to label people without knowing their background!

Apologies if I over reacted.