Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Emo Phillips - Cough not emo..

Okay, so me and my friend had an arguement about Emo Phillips. My friend says Emo Phillips is emo. Emo Phillips isn't emo, well, his first name is Emo, but nothing about him is emo. Come awn, he roles with Weird Al Yancovich (however you spell his name), and he doesn't stand up comedy, and he is like 50 years old. That's not very emo, Emo Phillips. He does have an emo name though. I wonder how many emo kids drop his name as like one of their favorite bands. Like.... "Hey Duuude... I was rollin in my Ford Focus with all these band buttons on my cards headliner and like I was totally blasting some AFI next to some prep nuggets, and the AFI wasn't screaming emo enough so I put in my Hawthorne Heights and my Emo Phillips CD's"... Okay.. Too much caffeine.. Anyways.

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