Friday, June 15, 2007

Emo Hairstyles

What are your favorite emo hair styles? I'm looking at doing my hair sometime tomorrow when i wake up (1-2pm :-P). Post your favorite hairstyles in a comment so I can get some more ideas. I've posted a few below so you peoples can get an idea of what I like, and hopefully this will help some more of you looking for emo hair examples. Anyways, please post up and let me know what everyone likes !!!
This is by far my favorite look.... Her hair is amazing! My hair is medium long right now so this could work for me.hehe cute emo sophisticated look

my hair isn't long enough for this hair style and my hair is black :-(

It's cool but it wouldn't work on me... it's an asian style emo look.

Antoher asian emo chik. Her tattoos are freaking awesome


Okay... That's all the hair styles i can post tonight/this morning (4:30 am!!)... If you want feel free to share your own hair style photos!! xoxox

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jessie said...

I really like the second one from the bottom you should try that!