Sunday, June 10, 2007

Poems (Emo Poems)

I love reading and writing poetry, and most of my own poetry is pretty emo. There are lot's of great emo poems floating around the internet, and there are some really good authors who are not emo themselves, but write poetry that is very dark and emotional. If your looking for an established emo author, check out James Wright or Tina Boukes.

Here is a quick emo poem that I like:

Dear Little Therapist,
I Was The Crack In Your Wall
That You Meant To Fix,
But Never Got Around To It.
The Small, Dark Place Miniature
Insects Made Their Home.
The Place Where Dust Lay,
And Could Not Be Cleansed.
I Know Now,
I Am Not Just The Crack In Your Wall,
But A Live, Touching, Feeling, Seeing,
Hearing, Tasting, Smelling Person,
That Lingers In The Back Of The Crowd,
Unnoticed, Trying To Push Their Way Through.
I Am That Piece Of You.

Poetry is almost all emo. Poetry is very emotional, sometimes dark, and very private. It's a doorway into emotion, and vulnerability. Writing poetry can make your cry, reading it can make you cry. There are millions of poets that have written very emo poems in the past, they just are not recognized as emo poems, because like I said, almost all poetry is emo! If you have a favorite emoish poem, feel free to post it in a comment!

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Anonymous said...

I know this feeling thats taking over,
i felt this way a thousands times befor.
I have felt the pain of the blade againts my skin,
i have chocked on the tooth brush at the back of my thoat.
Its ment to be over,
yet it wont stop.
The blood that slides against my skin,
my stomach that emtys,
the black eye make-up cruelling down my face,
this is how it is ment to be this is how i can be me.
So look at my dark cloths,
stare at my bones,
judge me becoause I look at you with the same confusion.