Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emo Tattoos

Here are some emo tattoo's. I really don't know what would make something a true emo tattoo, but these are pretty cool. I'm looking at getting an emo tattoo soon so these are some images that helped inspire my future tattoo, and will be posting more as I find more for inspiration.

This tattoo is so freaking cool. It's a "cutout" heart. It's based on a rob dobi shirt.

Gothic/Emo tat.

Emo star.

"Frustration can be gorgeous"

Emo script tattoo on forearm

Cool chest tattoo!
She has some cool tattoos!

Really cool riffs.

Yes... I have used this image 3 times! lol. Her hand grenade / flowers tattoo is so emo and cool though!

Cool angel with wings tattoo

As always, if you have a cool emo tattoo or know someone who does, post it up in a comment!!