Sunday, June 10, 2007

EMoe - What is an EMoe

What is an emoe? I get asked this a lot, and it surprises me every time that someone can come to my site, see pictures of emo people, emo stuff, and still ask me what an emoe is?

The easiest answer I have come up with for these people is "An Emoe is a bird".... This is an emoe:

I now have a new answer. An EMoe is an emo cartoon character from The Simpson:

Ohhh... What is an emo??
Emo: Emo Boys and Girls are the new american generation. Kind of like those guys in the 80's with the long hair, skulls and cross bones, and heavy metal music. Or maybe like the hippies of the 70's. Emo Boys and Girls are known for their emotional attitudes and so called "depression". Most emo's are far from depressed. Emo people are very open, they express themselves, and they are not afraid of gay or lesbian tags people may try to put on them. They are very emotional, but they are not afraid of these tags. They express themselves. They are the 2000's version of the 80's emo's and rockers. Emoish people are hard to define, so sorry if this sucks. Either you get it or you don't. If you don't get it and really needed me to define emo, than you will never get it :-P


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Thats an emu bird not emoe, but it is still pritty smart. they have wot is needed to be emo.
From what i can find out EMOE means Egyptian Ministry of Education (Egypt)??????emoe seems 2 b the name for the emo websites.