Sunday, June 10, 2007

So I was on technorati yesterday and saw a site called Emo Google. is the emo version of google. It is a cool emo homepage to have if google is too plain for you. The emoish design reminds me of myspace layouts and icons, and it's pretty ingenious. A lot of people seem to like the emo google, so check it out yourself!
The problem is the search that they use is an ad search, and Google's trademark on their name means that is only going to last another month or so before google puts a case on them and takes over the domain and takes the site down. They could get away with the emo google if they were not using google ads and were not trying to trick people into thinking that it was in fact google. Ya... That's right... They will think emo when they are crying because google stole their website! lol I feel bad for them.


Anonymous said...

eh it looks ugly

Anonymous said...!