Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The uninformed news

My mom called me and said she saw something on the news about emo kids and suicide, like all emo people were in some sort of cult and our mission in life is to commit suicide. I don't know about you, but I am not planning on killing myself and none of my friends are, or any of their friends are?

It pisses me off that the news says shit like that when they know that only like 1% of emo kids commit suicide, and that's like the percent of the rest of the population that commit suicide. I'm also sick of people thinking that emo boys like to cut themselves.

Since when does being emotional and expressing yourself mean that you are going to express yourself with a bullet or a razor blade?


julia said...

k, first of all, all 'emos' r dieing, or allready dead. iv friends that r rli rli sucidal. n seriously, who cares if emo wanabes cut? its not lik if theyr ganna cut toooo deep, n if they r, they can just go shoot themselves.

--sri, i just rli can't stand emo wanabes, fake depression is lammmme

Anonymous said...

julia....shhh, in a good way, coz emos are people who follow the trend and culture(e.g. self harming) of the emo way, and SCENE is where you follow the style but NOT the culture(e.g. self harming)of the emo way...^_^ just to clear that up, ya get me